地藏菩萨本愿经 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Purvapranidhana Sutra

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"Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Purvapranidhana Sutra"

Lauded as the Buddhist sutra of filial piety. This sutra consists of the discourses delivered by the Buddha to his mother in the Trayastrimsha Heaven, discusses the filial practices of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva during his “causal practice,” the time when he was planting the causes for liberating sentient beings in the future, as well as the profound vows he made during previous lives: “Only after all beings have been guided to awakening will I myself attain bodhi; as long as the hells are not empty, I shall not become a Buddha”. The sutra also discusses cause and effect, the consequences of our actions, as well as the reality of suffering in the hells.

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CD 1 卷上

Track 1 忉利天宫神通品第一 Spiritual Penetration in Trayastrimsha Heaven  -- 18:50 

Track 2 分身集会品第二 The Assembly of the Emanations  -- 05:00

Track 3 观众生业缘品第三 Contemplating the Karmic Conditions of Beings  -- 07:08

Track 4 阎浮众生业感品第四 Karmic Retributions of Beings in Jambudvipa  -- 16:33

CD 2 卷中

Track 1 地狱名号品第五 The Names of the Hells  -- 06:45

Track 2 如来赞叹品第六 The Praise of the Tathagata  -- 15:08

Track 3 利益存亡品第七 Benefiting the Living and the Decease  -- 08:00

Track 4 阎罗王众赞叹品第八 The Praise of King Yama and His Followers  -- 12:18

Track 5 称佛名号品第九 Reciting the Names of Buddhas  -- 07:12

CD 3 卷下

Track 1 校量布施功德缘品第十 Comparing the Conditions and Virtues of Giving  -- 10:28

Track 2 地神护法品第十一 The Dharma Protection of the Earth Spirit  -- 05:33

Track 3 见闻利益品第十二 The Benefits from Seeing and Hearing  -- 18:15

Track 4 嘱累人天品第十三 Entrusting Humans and Devas  -- 11:39

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