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Message In Music Vol.3

Tribute To The Earth


With music, I pay tribute to the earth for what she has given to us. With music, I praise her beauty and strength. With music, I convey her grief, pain and desperation to heal. With music, I vow to return what we have taken from her.


Tracks :Ocean, Land, Air, Life.


瑜伽 静坐 休闲 Vol.3


我以音乐向地球致敬,感恩她给我们的一切。 我以音乐向地球致敬,歌颂她的美和力量。 我以音乐向地球致敬,承载她的悲哀,痛苦和传递着她那急需治愈的呼唤。 我以音乐向地球致敬,发愿将还给她我们从她身上破坏夺去的一切。


曲目: 海洋 ,土地 ,空气 ,生

Message In Music Vol. 3 静坐音乐之三

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